Simon Treen, Director Western Studios

Western Studios, Leeds Ltd. is a community focused start-up from the Producer, Creator and host of the Working Hours podcast.

Who is Western Studios?

Simon Treen is a Leeds podcaster offering podcast production support to Leeds based podcasts and podcasters.

Simon always said he’d be a director. He meant a film director but, instead he started a business by mistake – in a pandemic! Why?

All so he could start and sustain his own podcast. A podcast that nobody really understood – including Simon.

Simon’s been trying (and failing) to run Western Studios for 2 years. He has no customers, has made no money and is still hardly known by anybody. Simon says,

“I have been producing the podcast Working Hours for 3 years and publishing it for 2. It’s still small but it’s still going.

I don’t want sell you a success story, I don’t want to make you a fortune or make a fortune from you.

I just want to help Leeds podcasters make podcasts, because I wish I had someone who could have helped me.”

Taking that 1st step with a podcast is hard sometimes, isn’t it?

It took Simon three years.

Once you get podcasting it’s fun, isn’t it? Keeping it going? Keeping on top of it, that’s so much harder.

I want to help other Leeds podcasts and podcasters to start making or to keep making their podcasts.

I particularly want to support those in my city without easy access to high quality sound recording and editing equipment. I want to help people in Leeds who don’t have the time to do everything for their podcast themselves to get their podcasts made.

I want to create opportunities in my city for other Loiners to access and keep accessing the exciting and ever-growing industry of podcasting.

I want to enable anyone in my city to create original and professional sounding Yorkshire podcast content – for all the many local, national and global audiences out there.

I Want to Take Your Idea from Desire to Reality.

I Want to Help You Keep Your Podcast On Its Feet.

I can offer Leeds podcast and podcasters location and remote recording options, editing, production and hosting facilities. I can even support your admin.

I can provide bespoke advice and all the support you need with any aspect of creating your own podcast and getting it to publication. I can support you remotely or over the phone at any time but I’m also a real Leeds podcaster who can be present with you in the same time and space.

Whether you are an individual or a group, a community organisation, public or private organisation, whether you have a podcast concept in mind or you just want to have a go, I can help you.

Listen to my first original podcast series Working Hours

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As you know I want to record one thousand Loiners* for Working Hours over ten years so I am always on the lookout for guests.

Be a guest on Working Hours

As a guest you can be anonymous or give your name. You can big up your company or put down your boss (and I can edit that out). I work with you on your episode so that I know you’re happy for our chat to be published as a podcast.

If you’re a local business and would like to discuss either sponsoring or advertising on Working Hours the please email me.


The best way you can help is to listen and talk about the show and I’d like to thank all those 650+ people who have done that.

Simon Treen, Director Western Studios, Leeds Ltd and Creator and Host of Working Hours Podcast

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*Loiners, for the purposes of Working Hours, are anyone living in an LS postcode or Working in LS postcode or anyone originally from an LS postcode that’s now living and working anywhere else.