I have a locked script for Season 1 of Doorways and it’s good! Well, I like it. I have begun pre-production so if you’re a voice actor, sound effects guru or musician reading this and you’re interested in getting involved in a creative endeavour during some downtime then give me a shout asap. Unfortunately, we have no budget so we’re putting this show together with love and favours. I can tell you one thing about the show though; the plan is to make the show completely open source. What does that mean? Well, we will be releasing all the files, scripts, voice, music, and FX for anyone to play around with after it’s done. It’s sort of a fan fiction project to start with so both the writer and I feel that this is the appropriate approach for this project and more importantly think that it could be really great to see what other people can make out of the same building blocks that we used.

I need to sit down and write myself actually, there’s two more shows of my own that I want to produce in the near term but they do need at least some scripting. I so can’t be bothered with writing right now. I will, I’ll get down to it and I do need to do it sooner rather than later. These two shows, like everything so far, are in part to build up a portfolio of work for my potential clients to engage with (and to hopefully generate some revenue for themselves too). I want these shows to be both business and to create business.

I’ll also be doing some fiction writing for the forthcoming show Muck 4 Brass. Here again this is something I have to do in part for lack of a better option. Like with Working Hours it’s easier for someone to understand something when it actually exists.

This is why the best thing to do about your podcast idea is to just make it! Don’t know where to start? Well, you already have if you’re reading this, now take that next step, get in touch with me and let’s make your podcast.


March 2021



Volume 2: 2021 of Working Hours is well underway and I’m hoping to post episode 1 before the end of the month. I only have 6 interviews in the bag at the moment, so I may have to publish the podcast irregularly this year as it might take me quite awhile to secure any new guests. 😦 If you are reading this and you are in Leeds or from Leeds and you have an opinion about work and you’re up for being on a podcast then go to my contact page right now, cheers!

I have a 50/50 gender balance in interviews and episodes so far but all my guests have been white and of similar-ish class. I know this is in no way representative of Leeds or Loiners or of a city the size and means of Leeds in the 21st century. Even though I am only a few episodes in I DO NOT want this year to again be represented just by a narrow sample. I need everyone from every community and background in Leeds. Obviously, if I have the interviews I’ll publish them. So, right now I’m more than happy to be inundated with guest offers. I need you Leeds. I don’t care if you listen to or like the show (in fact that’s probably better) I just need to hear from everyday people in everyday roles and to capture as much of the conformity and diversity, the general and particular that makes all that up.

I am very eager to hear and learn from you. What is work to you? What is it for? Where is it going? Why do you do it? What do you do? What have you done? What would you rather be doing?

I have a lot of aims with this podcast. I want to use it to meet people, I want interrogate my ideas and perceptions about work and working and I want to challenge my listeners ideas too. I want to create a broader discussion about work. I want to us to really think about what that idea means right now. I want us to examine where those ideas come from and where they lead us.

At this stage in the process I can’t currently speak or write about “work” with any authority outside of my own ideas and experiences but, as this project progresses (and it is a project, a historical and ethnographic one) as the dialogue broadens and our knowledge expands around this subject I’m hoping to glean valuable insights and ideally have some influence on how “work” is performed and thought of in future. That is not to say that capturing the present moment is any less important. The present, before it becomes past, is a valuable resource. The past is arguably our greatest resource.

I really think this is a valuable endeavour at a critical time. I mean, what a time to start doing this!! “Yeah, works going to change” I thought, “we’ll have to work differently in the future” I thought. “It’ll be interesting to capture some of that change” I thought, “the 2020s are going to be a key time and only see an acceleration of all the madness that we have seen accelerating since the start of this terrible century” I thought. Then 2020 started and I thought, “well, I can’t even do that anymore”. But, I was wrong and daft for there was video phone with pretty decent quality.

I also think that if the worst should happen then at least I’ll have chatted to some interesting characters in and from my home town and that’s not a bad thing. I have it all planned out, see! Meticulous! Flawless! Well, except the no money, no guests, no listeners thing – BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS PERFECT! (I’m not stressed, you’re stressed!)

Oh! Yes, while I remember. I need feedback about everything – tone, music, aesthetic – the whole thing! I have no real idea how this is coming across to anyone. So, yeah. That would be good – unless it’s all bad and then that would be bad. Obviously.

Simon Treen, host, editor, creator and producer of Working Hours podcast.

Leeds, 2021

2021: New SERIES Starting, NEW SHOWS coming, New COLLABORATORS wanted

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WORKING HOURS Volume 2: 2021

So, these constant in/out lockdowns are very detrimental to me with regards to getting stuff done quickly. I am still working on the show notes and timecodes for Volume 1 of Working Hours and I have now started interviewing guests for Volume 2. I am hoping to get a lot more episodes out this year – I do want to hit 100 guests a year for this show but, I am still a good way off from getting to that many yet. Working Hours is showing steady growth but fortunately the current low numbers allow me to experiment, think and identify what I think are mistakes with the 1st volume. 

New Shows for 2021

I’m working with a writer on developing what looks like it will be Western Studio’s 1st dramatic podcast. That’s coming along nicely and I am currently hoping to get that show out in spring or summer this year. I have another couple of podcasts that are in the early stages of development, one will be a film based show and the other a political one. Finally, there’s Muck 4 Brass, a new show that I have great hopes for but, I need to nail down a few more ideas around this one before I really tell you anymore about it.


I continue to be on the lookout for new Leeds based collaborators, clients, audiences, customers and patrons. (As well as guests for Working Hours – email if you’d like to be on the show.) I would really love to hear from you if:

  • You would like to get some content creation off the ground but you’re not really sure where to start with it
  • You are a voice actor looking for working experiences and material for your voice reel
  • You are a writer looking to have your work made
  • You are a musician looking for new avenues to promote your work
  • You are a sound FX genius in waiting – the next Ben Burtt, if only someone would give you a chance!

If you are any of the above then do please drop me a line at  to discuss ways in which we might collaborate to mutually beneficial ends.


The business still needs to cover its costs and show a profit. I have yet to receive any donations or patrons for the initial show (I believe these will come once series 2 starts and there is more content for patrons to actually shill out for). I am not currently working with any clients and have not, as yet, put out any other shows.  I have started to put out more social media content specifically designed to attract podcast clients alongside my regular posts promoting Working Hours.

Once I have started to generate revenue and my overheads are covered any remaining funds will be immediately invested back in to the business. There is still a lot of equipment that I would like to get so that I can expand my offer to clients further. I am also planning on running some larger paid ad campaigns, if and when I can get hold of the funds.

I am excited about this year and who and what it will bring to the business. I am looking forward to getting to the point of getting (hopefully) positive feedback and constructive criticism for Working Hours. I look forward to getting our 1st Patreon supporter in the next few months and to getting our 1000th one shortly after that! I look forward to all my coming shows this year and to maybe even helping you to make your podcast.


Be My Guest

Leeds, what do you do? Tell me about it

Apply now

I want to start publishing Volume 2 as soon as possible but I also want to make sure that I have at least 12 episodes set up before publishing the first episode of volume 2. I don’t want to release irregularly and sporadically as I want there to be consistency and regularity for the listeners. The original plan was to be recording 100 interviews a year so I’m 90 behind schedule after last year!!

I’m not too worried though. I had of course anticipated that I would have to build up to that level but, I had expected to be somewhat further ahead by now. Oh well! It is what it is. So this year it would be great to be able to go weekly with the show but we’ll have to see how it goes. If I don’t get any guests, listeners and/or Patreons (or even food, power or breathable air) then obviously things won’t get any easier for the show, but let’s see what does happen shall we?

Click here for more details and to apply to be on the show.

Trailers Galore

So we have an audio trailer:

A YouTube video:

And a Vimeo


Launching in SPRING 2021

Muck 4 Brass

Muck 4 Brass is a series of pulpy audio fictions from Leeds based creators. Whether it’s soppy or gruesome, fantastic or horrifying, thrilling or thought provoking it’s all genre based original fictions that are born and bred in Leeds. The intent is pulp but that doesn’t mean that your shiny artistic gem won’t shine out in the muck and perhaps even get you some brass!

If you’re from or you’re based in Leeds and you’ve got a short tale that you’d like to hear published in an audio format then get in touch now. You’ll need to be happy to have it appear in a series alongside other tales of varying quality and perhaps even taste.

Muck 4 Brass

If you would like to contribute stories or talent to this show click here

Or email : Using the subject line Muck 4 Brass

also in 2021


Doorways is an original urban fairy story set in Leeds using popular genre characters and tropes and taking place during the great Lockdown of 2020. This series is currently in development.

Doorways is interested to hear from actors and musicians for this project


The inevitable doomwatch content podcast about our infuriating politics, stress inducing culture wars and general jaw dropping stupidity. You might laugh, you might cry, but hopefully you’ll be listening to it as you’re happily doing something worthwhile that you’ve been inspired to do more of by all this endless hideousness.


Have you got an idea for a podcast? Email and let’s get it made!

A New Flyer – Prices for Charities and Committee Groups

I have a got a new flyer with prices for Leeds based or focussed charities and community groups.

Contact me if a service you want isn’t listed here or if you’d like to discuss any further price options.

Mini Update

Okay friends,

So I have refined my overall business pitch slightly (still a long way to go on that though) and I am working towards updating and redesigning the website, building out my contact list, creating original marketing content and so on and so on…

This business is all just me. It might not look like anything is actually going on from the outside but, I assure you it is. I guess I’m really still just at the germination stage of this seed, so it will take a little while longer before being able to actually notice any green shoots peaking through the soil of the Leeds business landscape.

The site will look better soon, promise! I’m just operating on very little capital atm. Which is fine. No, really it is. (No, really. It’s fine. FINE!) Western Studios will survive, my overheads are low enough. Then again my current only income source is also very low. 😐 I am certainly time-rich though, which is not the same as being motivation-rich. Again, I’m working on motivation too and I know myself well enough to know that as I start to feel more and more like I am actually making some headway with this thing then the more I will feel encouraged to keep going with it and to go harder at it. So, this is just to say to anyone who may be interested enough to look that things are happening here. Really! Just you wait and see. This time next year Rodders, we’ll have a million listeners! ;p




So the site is going to go through some changes, things are happening! No point saying anything yet as no-one is reading any of this yet.

Volume 2 – coming soon

I have been laid low for a few weeks with toothache so have not been able (or inclined) to do too much recently. I will be back to doing more work on this but, I’m not not going to be over doing it. There is no rush after all. I am looking forward to Volume 2 and am currently looking for new guests. I am still awaiting sign off from some of the Volume 1 guests but, obviously, with the latest crisis they’re not in any rush to come back to me and I don’t see any need to hassle them. Their episodes are done and they will be released when they are released.