A New Flyer – Prices for Charities and Committee Groups

I have a got a new flyer with prices for Leeds based or focussed charities and community groups.

Contact me if a service you want isn’t listed here or if you’d like to discuss any further price options.

Mini Update

Okay friends,

So I have refined my overall business pitch slightly (still a long way to go on that though) and I am working towards updating and redesigning the website, building out my contact list, creating original marketing content and so on and so on…

This business is all just me. It might not look like anything is actually going on from the outside but, I assure you it is. I guess I’m really still just at the germination stage of this seed, so it will take a little while longer before being able to actually notice any green shoots peaking through the soil of the Leeds business landscape.

The site will look better soon, promise! I’m just operating on very little capital atm. Which is fine. No, really it is. (No, really. It’s fine. FINE!) Western Studios will survive, my overheads are low enough. Then again my current only income source is also very low. 😐 I am certainly time-rich though, which is not the same as being motivation-rich. Again, I’m working on motivation too and I know myself well enough to know that as I start to feel more and more like I am actually making some headway with this thing then the more I will feel encouraged to keep going with it and to go harder at it. So, this is just to say to anyone who may be interested enough to look that things are happening here. Really! Just you wait and see. This time next year Rodders, we’ll have a million listeners! ;p




So the site is going to go through some changes, things are happening! No point saying anything yet as no-one is reading any of this yet.

Volume 2 – coming soon

I have been laid low for a few weeks with toothache so have not been able (or inclined) to do too much recently. I will be back to doing more work on this but, I’m not not going to be over doing it. There is no rush after all. I am looking forward to Volume 2 and am currently looking for new guests. I am still awaiting sign off from some of the Volume 1 guests but, obviously, with the latest crisis they’re not in any rush to come back to me and I don’t see any need to hassle them. Their episodes are done and they will be released when they are released.

Quick Update

I will be reposting the first 2 episodes with new intros and some music added and also dropping the next few episodes shortly. I will also be adding show notes to the eps and making a bit more effort on the promotion front. I am struggling slightly with getting these done at the moment, but I will get them out as soon as Simonly possible. Not that anyone is bothered (other than me) or even reading this yet. But, whatever, just in case, right?


Coming Soon!

Wanted: Podcast Interviewees, Local Sponsors and Advertisers

I have begun a project interviewing Loiners on the subject of work and employment which I will be publishing as a new podcast series in 2020. I am looking for further volunteers to take part in the show going forward and I am also extremely interested to hear from Leeds businesses looking for marketing opportunities. If you are or you own a Leeds business and you need new marketing space email your proposals to westernstudios.workinghours@gmail.com using the subject Podcast Marketing.

If you want to be on the podcast or you would like to but you need some further information then email me at westernstudios@protonmail.com using the subject Working Hours. The podcast will only identify your first initial and your occupation (unless otherwise requested) and your interview will not be published without your written consent to its release. The interviews themselves are an informal recorded chat and they generally last around 1hr to 90 minutes.

Work, work, work!

What is work? How do you, personally, define it? I mean, how do you actually see it in your mind? What thoughts and feelings are associated with it for you? Is it something that is a critical part of your life; a duty, a calling, a battleground, a grind or more of a background function that supports what you see as your “real” life? Are you working to live or living to work? Are you engaged with your organisation? Are you resistant to The Man? Are you empowered by your working role? Are you coerced to be less than you could be by an uncaring system?

I don’t know what work is. I know what a job is and I can’t really say that I’m a fan of that particular socio-economic arrangement, well at least as it currently exists. I have done a lot of jobs in my working life. Obviously some of my many roles have been better than others and some of those better roles have also managed to increase their nostalgic capital over time (i.e. they’re remembered more fondly now that I don’t have to do them anymore and after having done far worse roles since); other roles have virtually disappeared from my memory. But hang on, if I don’t know what work is why would I want to write about it? Well, for me it’s a meditation. Work is a wider subject than just jobs.

I want to try to begin an open conversation here. I want to manifest a space for debate and open civil and professional contributions, for experimental collaboration and healthy competition, to document contemporary ideas and attitudes and to create new knowledge and possibilities. I want to discuss the idea of work from every (and any) angle. I don’t want an authoritative definition of what work is. What I want is to make you to think about work differently.