What’s your story Leeds?

I’m focussing on interviews for Working Hours at the moment. If it seems like there’s nothing going online at certain times well, there is work going on IRL. I am working on transcripts, arranging more interviews and editing yet others. This project is gathering some momentum now and I want to keep that going. If you haven’t heard the show yet you can listen to it here.

The studio remains open for business. If you have any podcast support needs drop me a line.

Let’s see what I can do to help you make your podcast.

Listen to podcasts?

So do your customers!

Western Studios makes radio and podcast advertisements, podcasts and commercial audio content for online spaces

My name is Simon Treen and I am a Leeds based podcaster.  I want to help Leeds businesses to find their space in the podcasting and online audio content space.

  • Imagine getting straight in to the ears and head of your customers and their network! Imagine them coming to you to hear it!
  • Imagine your customers waking up excited to hear from your business!
  • Imagine standing out from all your competitors!
  • Broaden access to your brand and let more customers hear your website!

Why you need a presence in the podcast space

  • Podcasts drive engagement and can generate new sales!
  • More of your customers are finding podcasts every day!
  • More of your customers are listening to a growing number of podcasts each week!
  • Podcasts are a great, low cost ways to produce marketing content!
  • Podcasts can be made as ever green branded content!
  • Podcasts can be short – most podcasts are between just 20-40 minutes!
  • Podcast are a fantastic way to get your business’s story across and to let your customers know everything you can do for them!
  • Podcast are a great way to distinguish your brand from others and show off your expertise!
  • Podcasts are intimate and personal – a really great way to build trust with your customers!
  • You can hear you business’s name on Spotify for less than 100 quid!!!!
  • Podcasts are fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need some support with podcast content? If you need it, I can give it.

Got an idea for a podcast but, don’t know where to start? Get in touch. That’s your start!

Work with a producer who will focus on getting your show made how you want it, for a price you can afford! #leedsmakeyourpodcast

All the benefits of NOT spending ages online training yourself on your own & all the benefits of having someone around to motive you, bounce ideas off and keeping you moving forward! #leedsmakeyourpodcast

Western Studios a local friend for Leeds podcasters and audio creators.

“Are you a #Leedsbusiness? Do you listen to podcasts? So do your customers! Western Studios makes radio and podcast advertisements, podcasts and commercial audio content for online spaces. Visit to find out more.”


Spring clean for websites in West Riding! It’s time to refresh this thing again! To redevelop. To regenerate. Hopefully for something much fresher better and bolder. I can’t give you a date for this yet but it’s in the works.

2021: New SERIES Starting, NEW SHOWS coming, New COLLABORATORS wanted

Listen to Working Hours Now!
WORKING HOURS Volume 2: 2021

So, these constant in/out lockdowns are very detrimental to me with regards to getting stuff done quickly. I am still working on the show notes and timecodes for Volume 1 of Working Hours and I have now started interviewing guests for Volume 2. I am hoping to get a lot more episodes out this year – I do want to hit 100 guests a year for this show but, I am still a good way off from getting to that many yet. Working Hours is showing steady growth but fortunately the current low numbers allow me to experiment, think and identify what I think are mistakes with the 1st volume. 

New Shows for 2021

I’m working with a writer on developing what looks like it will be Western Studio’s 1st dramatic podcast. That’s coming along nicely and I am currently hoping to get that show out in spring or summer this year. I have another couple of podcasts that are in the early stages of development, one will be a film based show and the other a political one. Finally, there’s Muck 4 Brass, a new show that I have great hopes for but, I need to nail down a few more ideas around this one before I really tell you anymore about it.


I continue to be on the lookout for new Leeds based collaborators, clients, audiences, customers and patrons. (As well as guests for Working Hours – email if you’d like to be on the show.) I would really love to hear from you if:

  • You would like to get some content creation off the ground but you’re not really sure where to start with it
  • You are a voice actor looking for working experiences and material for your voice reel
  • You are a writer looking to have your work made
  • You are a musician looking for new avenues to promote your work
  • You are a sound FX genius in waiting – the next Ben Burtt, if only someone would give you a chance!

If you are any of the above then do please drop me a line at  to discuss ways in which we might collaborate to mutually beneficial ends.


The business still needs to cover its costs and show a profit. I have yet to receive any donations or patrons for the initial show (I believe these will come once series 2 starts and there is more content for patrons to actually shill out for). I am not currently working with any clients and have not, as yet, put out any other shows.  I have started to put out more social media content specifically designed to attract podcast clients alongside my regular posts promoting Working Hours.

Once I have started to generate revenue and my overheads are covered any remaining funds will be immediately invested back in to the business. There is still a lot of equipment that I would like to get so that I can expand my offer to clients further. I am also planning on running some larger paid ad campaigns, if and when I can get hold of the funds.

I am excited about this year and who and what it will bring to the business. I am looking forward to getting to the point of getting (hopefully) positive feedback and constructive criticism for Working Hours. I look forward to getting our 1st Patreon supporter in the next few months and to getting our 1000th one shortly after that! I look forward to all my coming shows this year and to maybe even helping you to make your podcast.