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Leeds, make your podcast!

If, like me, you are a Leeds start-up company then you know that creating awareness of you and your business isn’t easy. Advertising is expensive, social media is time consuming and cold calling and mail outs take both time and money. The dream is an evergreen ad that creates awareness of your brand, that you pay for once and that won’t disappear after a short amount of time. That’s why advertising on a podcast, a format that can reach large audiences from one place, is so advantageous. Getting your business and product endorsed by a podcast host is an excellent way to raise awareness of your business and start bringing new people into your sales and marketing funnel.

Advertising on podcasts is a rapidly growing area for all digital marketing and the holy grail of podcast adverts is to have your ad copy in the podcast read by the host. A podcaster with a existing and growing audience has already developed some trust with their listeners and in-show reads are far more likely to be listened to.

My show Working Hours has recently passed 250 downloads and 150 unique listeners and it is continuing to grow at a steady pace, with every episode reaching more people than the last! That’s why I want to offer Leeds based start-ups the chance to advertise on my podcast at a introductory rate now. This show and its episodes are intended to be listened to on an evergreen basis so any ad reads in the episodes will continue to be heard by prospective clients well into the future. As awareness grows of the podcast and more people come to listen (and then begin to listen to previous episodes too) your ad read will still be there for them to hear and find out about you and your products.

Okay, so how much?

I’m offering an introductory rate to Leeds based start ups of £75 for in-episode ad reads*!

And if you book any one of these introductory £75 slots you will also be get 25% off your next podcast ad read! So your next ad will not only reach more people straight away it will also be cheaper!

This offer will run over the next episodes of Working Hours up until episode 40 and you can book slots in advance. To book a slot email with the subject 75 or use the contact page on this website

*The read will be on one episode. If you would like to buy more than one slot or you would like to discuss the possibility of sponsorship please contact me to discuss. If you would like to create a podcast advert that can be used across a number of different podcasts please contact me to discuss.

Psst! Alternatively, you could guest on Working Hours for free and then have a whole episode to discuss your business!! To be on Working Hours email or use the contact sheet to send me some details of your work and some suggestions about your availability.

Listen to podcasts?

So do your customers!

Western Studios makes radio and podcast advertisements, podcasts and commercial audio content for online spaces

My name is Simon Treen and I am a Leeds based podcaster.  I want to help Leeds businesses to find their space in the podcasting and online audio content space.

  • Imagine getting straight in to the ears and head of your customers and their network! Imagine them coming to you to hear it!
  • Imagine your customers waking up excited to hear from your business!
  • Imagine standing out from all your competitors!
  • Broaden access to your brand and let more customers hear your website!

Why you need a presence in the podcast space

  • Podcasts drive engagement and can generate new sales!
  • More of your customers are finding podcasts every day!
  • More of your customers are listening to a growing number of podcasts each week!
  • Podcasts are a great, low cost ways to produce marketing content!
  • Podcasts can be made as ever green branded content!
  • Podcasts can be short – most podcasts are between just 20-40 minutes!
  • Podcast are a fantastic way to get your business’s story across and to let your customers know everything you can do for them!
  • Podcast are a great way to distinguish your brand from others and show off your expertise!
  • Podcasts are intimate and personal – a really great way to build trust with your customers!
  • You can hear you business’s name on Spotify for less than 100 quid!!!!
  • Podcasts are fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need some support with podcast content? If you need it, I can give it.

Got an idea for a podcast but, don’t know where to start? Get in touch. That’s your start!

Work with a producer who will focus on getting your show made how you want it, for a price you can afford! #leedsmakeyourpodcast

All the benefits of NOT spending ages online training yourself on your own & all the benefits of having someone around to motive you, bounce ideas off and keeping you moving forward! #leedsmakeyourpodcast

Western Studios a local friend for Leeds podcasters and audio creators.

“Are you a #Leedsbusiness? Do you listen to podcasts? So do your customers! Western Studios makes radio and podcast advertisements, podcasts and commercial audio content for online spaces. Visit to find out more.”


I have a locked script for Season 1 of Doorways and it’s good! Well, I like it. I have begun pre-production so if you’re a voice actor, sound effects guru or musician reading this and you’re interested in getting involved in a creative endeavour during some downtime then give me a shout asap. Unfortunately, we have no budget so we’re putting this show together with love and favours. I can tell you one thing about the show though; the plan is to make the show completely open source. What does that mean? Well, we will be releasing all the files, scripts, voice, music, and FX for anyone to play around with after it’s done. It’s sort of a fan fiction project to start with so both the writer and I feel that this is the appropriate approach for this project and more importantly think that it could be really great to see what other people can make out of the same building blocks that we used.

I need to sit down and write myself actually, there’s two more shows of my own that I want to produce in the near term but they do need at least some scripting. I so can’t be bothered with writing right now. I will, I’ll get down to it and I do need to do it sooner rather than later. These two shows, like everything so far, are in part to build up a portfolio of work for my potential clients to engage with (and to hopefully generate some revenue for themselves too). I want these shows to be both business and to create business.

I’ll also be doing some fiction writing for the forthcoming show Muck 4 Brass. Here again this is something I have to do in part for lack of a better option. Like with Working Hours it’s easier for someone to understand something when it actually exists.

This is why the best thing to do about your podcast idea is to just make it! Don’t know where to start? Well, you already have if you’re reading this, now take that next step, get in touch with me and let’s make your podcast.


March 2021