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Western Studios, Leeds Ltd is here to get your podcast made.

Get in touch to discuss any possible discounts that might apply for your project.

For £25 an hour I can help your podcast. Whether it’s brainstorming, writing, presenting, admin, recording, transcription, editing or anything else. When your podcast needs a hand think of Western Studios.

Get help for your podcast now.

I am here to help Leeds podcasters when they don’t have the time, confidence or budget to make their podcast. Western Studios supports both you and your podcast.

Together with Western Studios you can and will get your podcast produced, published and promoted. Whether it’s promotional, factual, educational or entertainment, Western Studios can help you to find the identity your show wants and will be as hands on or hands off with your production as you want or need me to be.

We support Leeds based creators locally and in real life.

Unlike a lot of the podcast ecosystem Western Studios is here in Leeds. I am a real person, living in Leeds and making podcasts.

Podcasts offer you the potential of a global market and Western Studios can help you to access that with production support from a locally based podcast producer.

Western Studios will get to know you and respond to your specific requirements. Whether you are an individual, a group, an organisation or a business, if you make your podcast with Western Studios you will be supported by an actual person all the way through your production as much or as little as you need.

If you’re a Leeds creator who would rather not be dealing with seventeen different global platforms, endless faceless avatars and remote and dehumanising support services then drop Western Studios a line with your ideas or outlines.

If you already have a podcast and it’s getting too much, and you’d like some support with your production, whether that’s your admin, transcription, editing, publishing or just someone to keep you pushing forward, I want to help.

Even if you haven’t got that far with your podcast idea, just get in touch and we can start making your podcast today.

Contact me to start making your podcast

Western Studios is a Leeds based podcast, audio and media content production company looking to support those that other podcast support services cannot reach.

Our pricing is focussed on delivering the support you need and not on the amount of time slots we can sell or hours we can bill you for.

Our goal is produce quality, creator-lead content through offering all the support that anyone, of any ability, might need to actually produce something and then get it out there.

Whether you want to make a podcast for a training exercise, a bit of fun or just the experience, Western Studios, Leeds Ltd will make your podcast with you when others won’t or can’t.

Western Studios, Leeds Ltd started in 2020 to support the Working Hours podcast. Working Hours aims to interview 1000 Loiners over the 2020s talking about their work

Support me, support Leeds and support Yorkshire content.

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I am currently self funding Working Hours and running at a loss. This can only continue for so long. So if you are willing and able to support Working Hours then please please consider throwing us some digital numbers via a monthly subscription on Patreon . I really need the help and it’s a pound a month.

For 12 quid a year, less than the price of three fancy drinks, you can support this project, get bonus material and be involved in how the show develops going forward. And I would love to have you involved.

Become a Patron!

Anything at all that you can offer really will help out as I struggle to keep Working Hours going.

If you can support at a higher amount please feel free to do so. I believe in this podcast and I welcome the support of anyone else who does too.

If you are a Leeds based business you could also offer some support to Working Hours on a regular basis either by becoming a sponsor or through being a direct advertiser on the show.

Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss any support you would like to give Working Hours.

Become a Patron!

If you can’t offer any financial support and you want to do more than like, share and follow the show, then the next best way to support is to be my guest on Working Hours.

To be on the show please get in touch here and let me know when you might have a two hour window to record on zoom and a brief description of what you do for work.

Many thanks

Simon Treen

Producer, creator and host of Working Hours April 2022

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