Wanted: Podcast Interviewees, Local Sponsors and Advertisers

I have begun a project interviewing Loiners on the subject of work and employment which I will be publishing as a new podcast series in 2020. I am looking for further volunteers to take part in the show going forward and I am also extremely interested to hear from Leeds businesses looking for marketing opportunities. If you are or you own a Leeds business and you need new marketing space email your proposals to westernstudios.workinghours@gmail.com using the subject Podcast Marketing.

If you want to be on the podcast or you would like to but you need some further information then email me at westernstudios@protonmail.com using the subject Working Hours. The podcast will only identify your first initial and your occupation (unless otherwise requested) and your interview will not be published without your written consent to its release. The interviews themselves are an informal recorded chat and they generally last around 1hr to 90 minutes.

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