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What are you doing, when is it happening and why?

The 2020s is a pivotal decade for our species and our home. So, I want to interview 1000 Loiners over this decade to record their thoughts and feelings around “WORK” and I want to show how their opinions change over this time; along with their ways of working and the sorts of work they are doing. 

Working Hours wants to ask 1000 Loiners over the 2020s the second question that everybody asks everybody – What do you do? That is its mission and I can’t achieve that on my own. I need a hundred Loiners are year on average and I’m 90 behind on last year. Help me catch up.

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Leeds, be on Working Hours #bemyguestleeds get in touch to be on the show. #helpmyquestleeds If you are in Leeds or from Leeds then help me to reach my target of interviewing 1000 Loiners over the 2020s asking them the 2nd question that everybody asks everybody. What do you do?

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2 Episodes for this year are up now! So, get to it! Have a listen and support this project. Help it to flower and grow. Build our reach into new audiences, guests and donors. And hopefully enjoy them and find them as interesting as I do. Leeds, listen to Working Hours #workinghoursleeds available free wherever you get your podcasts. Leeds, what do you do? #tellmeaboutitleeds 

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Episode 11

Steph Varley recorded 03/02/2021

Steph is a social entrepreneur building an inclusive experience service for children. We discuss setting up a Community Interest Company (CIC); working with various stakeholders, testing technology and working with vulnerable groups. We also touch upon fundraising and Steph’s other job where she now works part time while building up and developing out her CIC.

You can find out more about INC360 at inc360.org

Episode 12

 Anonymous male recorded 02/02/2021

 My guest this episode worked for 20 years for a firm of stock brokers. Through a personal project of trying to maximise what he could achieved within his lunch hour he has now found himself working within the area of work based well-being. We discuss a number of topics from my guest’s time working at a stockbrokers, looking at some of the myriad things he was able to achieve within those lunch hours and we discuss some of his thinking around the ways that we might raise awareness of well-being at work and also how we might, perhaps, embed some well-being practices in to our workplaces or into our ways of working.

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