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Work is Compliant Working Hours

Stephen Griffiths recorded on 08/08/2022Stephen Griffiths started his legal career in the private sector but has worked as part of a legal team within a HE institute in Leeds for the past few years. He works on items like contracts, patents or any other legal agreements that might be needed by the institution. There’s obviously a lot more to both the role and Stephen than just that, but he didn’t really give me much for his bio so this is what we have. Perhaps its genius marketing on his part. We’ll see. Yes, we’ve had lawyers on before but, every interview is unique so listen to this one anyway.Give me money on Patreon so I can make more of these faster and make them better

Help me in my mission to find 1000 Loiners over this decade and ask them the 2nd question everybody asks me – what do you do?

Episode 13 was published on Monday and is already the most popular episode (so far). In this episode I speak to a Loiner based in Manchester and working as a freelance TV researcher.

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The 2020s is a pivotal decade for our species and our home. So, I want to interview 1000 people from my home over this decade to record their thoughts and feelings around “WORK” and I want to show how their opinions change over this time; along with their ways of working and the sorts of work they are doing.

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