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Work is Attention Working Hours

Laura McCullagh recorded on 04/05/2022 Laura McCullagh has worked for 15+ years in the voluntary sector – starting her career in Leeds, then Edinburgh, London and back to Leeds again. Laura has worked in a range of organisations and roles, generally advocating for the rights of groups that are often regarded as vulnerable and experience exclusion, discrimination and unfair treatment – e.g. people who are homeless, in poverty, facing addiction, poor mental health or involvement in the criminal justice system. Originally from a remote village in the Yorkshire Dales she has a particular interest in rural mental health and mental health stigma in rural communities. Her current role involves working with employers and business owners to help improve understanding of mental health; promote inclusion of people with mental health difficulties in the workforce and develop workplace cultures and practices that are positive for staff wellbeing. Leeds Mindful Employer Network is a peer support network enabling local employers to learn more about mental health and wellbeing at work. Through the Network Laura promotes the national Mindful Employer initiative which allows employers to sign the Mindful Employer Charter for employers positive about mental health.

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Episode 13 was published on Monday and is already the most popular episode (so far). In this episode I speak to a Loiner based in Manchester and working as a freelance TV researcher.

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The 2020s is a pivotal decade for our species and our home. So, I want to interview 1000 people from my home over this decade to record their thoughts and feelings around “WORK” and I want to show how their opinions change over this time; along with their ways of working and the sorts of work they are doing.

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