32 25 Working Hours Podcast
32 Downloads and 25 Guests

New episodes of Working Hours are coming. I will be dropping a few at a time again very soon. Unfortunately, a regular weekly schedule is just not possible for this show at the moment. I have neither the capacity nor the resources to deliver Working Hours that way – not yet.


Working Hours is now just 32 downloads away from hitting 500!

If you’d like to listen to this show’s current 22, free to listen to, long form interview podcasts then just click right here!


From theatre to tech-jobs to finance, find out what it’s like to work in Leeds and what work there is to be done in Leeds. Listen to Working Hours – a long form, free to listen to #podcast about a place called #Leeds, a time called now and an activity called work.


Do you like work? Would you change your work? Is your work sustainable?

If you didn’t have to work would you do something different or would you not work at all?

If you know your answers to the above questions and you are from Leeds or in Leeds, then I want to hear about you. Get in touch with me to be a guest on this podcast.

If you want to appear on Working Hours you’ll just need a couple of hours free to record via zoom. I’ll tidy up the file and you’ll get to hear it back before it’s published, just so you’re totally happy with what you have said. Then you can show off to your friends, family, peers and work colleagues when your podcast episode is published and they can all say to you – you were on a what?


I really want to try to interview 25 more guests before Christmas.

So, if you’ve just got a Christmas Temp job tell me about it!

I do really want to try to bag these 25 guests though so if being on a podcast is not for you, but you know someone who would be great on the show let me know about them and what they do.

I especially want to speak to any Loiners from any under-represented communities and to anyone in roles or sectors that I haven’t covered yet.

I am always ready to hear any Loiners opinion on work so contact me now and let’s make your Working Hours episode!

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