Will it Ever Happen?

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Episode 1000

Will it ever happen? Will I ever get to 1000 episodes of Working Hours? I always assumed it was possible, that I could muddle along to it. Ten years is a long time after all. Something will happen in that time. Three years in and I’m really struggling with it. I’m barely at 50 episodes. I’m 150 episodes behind already!

I did five interviews last week and it was tiring. I had to send out over 150 invites to get 15 interviews. Because of that I haven’t had time or energy for social media to get more guests or listeners. But I haven’t been getting guests from social media recently. I have been getting the episodes out though. I think this is the longest straight run of being able to putting out episodes out. Okay, there was one stop for a bank holiday, but I did have an interview ready to go.

I think that’s been a big help to the show. 200 listeners last month was great, but was it an anomaly? We’ll see. I’m back up to two listeners per day on average. That’s good. I have three Patreons now. That’s good. But I don’t have enough money to pay for another year of this website. That’s not good. Not enough that I can justify spending it in only the hope of seeing a return. I need to cut costs, cut losses. I need to get paid work or I need to get many more to pay me for the work I am doing.

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