Abnormal service will resume shortly

I have a strong desire to get 50 episodes of Working Hours out this year, but I know I’m going to fall short. I want to get out three episodes a week for the next few weeks, but I’m not sure I can motivate myself to do it. I’m having a hard time working on the show at the minute, I know my motivation will come back but, it would all be much much easier to do were I to have some support and encouragement.

Podcasting is lonely, even though I spend my time talking to people I don’t work with them on the episodes, that’s all just me. It’s hard work doing this and it’s amazing that I have reached this number of episodes and to have been around doing this for this long.

I’m not quitting but it feels like the goals I have set for the podcast are just too lofty and the only person that cares about it is me – so why am I using up energy on it? It’s just numbers. Getting to 1000 is nigh on impossible given the demonstrated local interest and support given so far for this idea. I do not have the time or motivation to dedicate to such a goal without substantial financial and listener support. Substantial, not gross. I just want the podcast to pay for itself because it would be much easier to sit down and build episodes if I knew there was sufficient demand for them to be there.

It would be nice for example if I could raise say £10 in donations each week that I get out three episodes over these next few weeks. Because it’s not the amount that matters it’s the interest that matters.

The feedback that I have had for the show has been good. I think as with any podcast the main difficulty is making someone just listen to the podcast and then listen to a non-celebrity one to boot. I knew this going in, but I didn’t know how hard staying motivated would be and how much a part of the work of this show that would be.

So, I’m having a strop and not putting any shows out for a bit. They will return with a vengeance soon, anyone who’s be with the show for a while knows the drill. Fits and starts. Ebs and flows. If you’re reading this and you enjoy Working Hours please show it some love. Demand an episode, throw in a quid, do the social media stuff it will really help kick me up the ass.

Work less. Get paid more. Have more power. Peace.

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