The Top 5 Most Downloaded Working Hours So Far

5. Work is Connective (58 Downloads)

Anna Quinn-Martin from Linking Leeds kicks off the top 5 with 58 downloads. It’s a great episode from Anna who went on to host a great podcast (which Western Studios has yet to work on).

You can listen to Ann Hosting the Let’s Link Leeds Podcast here:

Check out Anna’s Working Hours episode here:

4. Work is Digital (60 Downloads)

Coming in at number 4, just ahead of Anna, is Debbie Rhodes with 60 downloads, so far. Another great episode, Debbie is deeply knowledgeable and highly professional and it’s a great discussion of how there’s so much more to digital strategy than just sh*tposting.

So, I have no excuses really. I actually do know better. If you’d like to know better too, have a listen to Debbie.

Check out Debbie’s Working Hours episode here:

3. Episode 1 (65 Downloads)

Really happy to see this Episode in the top 3. A really important episode for me and a really important early interview that helped define the course of this podcast and the creation of Western Studios. Eleanor is great at distilling things, is passionate and inspiring and of course our conversation goes all over the place. I know I shouldn’t have favourites but, this is one of mine.

Check out Eleanor’s Working Hours episode here:

2. Work is a Crucible (69 Downloads)

At number 2, with 69 downloads, I’m so happy to see that my audience is as bad as me and is loving the amazing chat with Kara Hazelgrave. Talking about fluid dynamics and sewage and regulation for over 2hrs! You love it, I love it. You don’t know how happy this makes me. If you love this, you’ll love the cement one that’s coming up.

Check out Kara’s Working Hours episode here:

And at Number 1 is – Episode 16 (with 100 Downloads!)

And now we see the numbers inherent in the system!

Coming in with a clear 31 download lead and hitting a century, the undisputed champion of Working Hours downloads so far, it’s Simon Young from Aysgarth Accountants!

I loved recording this episode and I’m more than happy to see it at number 1. It’s no surprise to me that money, tax, numbers and rules is a standout. For most of us work involves money and money means accounts and tax.

Check out Simon’s Working Hours episode here:

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