Working Hours Returns to One Episode A Week!

For now.

So, two episodes a week is too much for this show at the moment as I really can’t be bothered rushing around stressing myself out for voluntary work.

If income and numbers for the show improve then it will return to two episodes a week. If you would like to help get the ball rolling on Working Hours returning to two episodes a week then please donate to the show – try not to use Stripe though as they hold on to the donation for a month!

You can donate to this show using any of the following:


Taking out a membership will help me improve my capacity to do more. What I can offer now is direct and preferential access to me and likewise input and discussion of the shape of Working Hours. The memberships’ offers will expand as their membership grows.

Choose from the following Working Hours member groups to donate a regular amount on a monthly basis and help me grow the show:

Patron Checkout | Patreon £1, £5 or £15 a month. £1 a month £3 a month any amount from a penny a week!

Sponsorship or Advertising

If you’re a Leeds organisation and you would like to advertise on Working Hours then please get in touch to discuss options.

This podcast manages to carry on despite everything, we will get there.

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