We’re on a break!

Working Hours podcast is on pause until I can find some funds.

I will be continuing to record interviews when I can get people but, I won’t be releasing anymore episodes until I have some funds and I am out of the red.

If you would like to support the Working Hours podcast and the overall Working Hours project then please make a donation through Ko-Fi:


or join the Patreon for a pound a month (or more).


If any businesses or organisations would like to sponsor the show then please drop me a message straight away with your proposal.

If you also have no money in this dreadful economy, because it’s all with the 1%, other ways you can support me and the show include, being a guest, sharing the show, telling people to listen to the show.

Or even just send me a message saying that you listen and that you have an opinion on it.

I would rather be putting the show out but, the funny thing is that when you have no money, you have no life and when I have no life working is the last thing I can do. At this point getting dressed is a challenge.

I have to dig deep to put this show out and I do give it all I can muster in the face of total indifference and silence. With the constant thought that it is pointless, unneeded and unwanted. The reality is I am constantly presented with the shows seeming failure and the desire to take the hint and just stop making it is always there.

Having said that I know that the show is thoughtful, useful and interesting. I know this project is valid and will, at some point, be valuable to people other than me.

It kind of amazes me that no institution in Leeds public, private or voluntary has come forward to offer any support to the project. I am more than aware that I am opinionated, disagreeable and not happy joy joy about our collapsing society and our continued work to drive that collapse.

Thing is though, both the show and myself are deeper than any superficial media readings. No doubt you are too.

The show is rich in detail and thought and for my money (about 7K in the whole at this point, I put up and I won’t shut up) I know I am doing something different, worthwhile and valuable. I know Working Hours and myself are not easy to package for sale, but I also I know that people do get the show.

I credit people with a bit of intelligence and I have faith that they don’t just want to listen to celebrities they agree with or celebrities they want to get really really angry at.

So I will preserve in spite of everything but, I can no longer make podcasts or more precisely, this podcast, for free.

I think you’ve had your money’s worth out of me.

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