Working Hours Podcast

One day Working Hours will have a steady and regular supply of guests.

One day Working Hours will have the time and money it needs available to it.

One day Working Hours will be able to regularly put out episodes at a reliable time.

But that day is not today. It is not even this year. And probably not even the next!

So, in order to continue to bring Working Hours to you for free (it’s costing me a small fortune) I have had to take on two jobs. There is no podcast work forthcoming for the business and no growth in donations for Working Hours. So, it’s back to the mindless grindstone.

Making a podcast, of course, requires time and energy, those simultaneously abundant yet also scarce resources – you generally get either one or the other of them at a time; unless of course your parents are loaded! Recording too has become much harder due to this. I can now record online again, which helps massively but, I have far less time available to me to record interviews now. Basically, I only have some weekday evenings, which aren’t fixed, and just part of my weekends to record any interviews in.

This means that everything for Working Hours is now much harder to plan and to deliver. What this means for the podcast is that recording, editing and making up episodes has become way harder because I have less time, energy and motivation to make them. This means that listeners of Working Hours won’t be getting regular output for a while. To many this won’t seem like a change anyway.

I still want to make Working Hours. I am still going to make it and I definitely want to keep recording interviews – it’s the best part of it! So Loiners, if you’d like to take part in Working Hours do please get in touch asap, I would love to speak to you!

If you want to keep up to date with when Working Hours episodes are being released, then the best channels to follow would probably be Twitter or Instagram (although I do post to Facebook and LinkedIn when episodes are actually published too). I realise that social media shows you only what it wants you to see and not what you actually want to see or know about, so you might not always see my posts. If social media doesn’t do it for you then feel free to get in touch with me directly to be notified about any new episode drops. If you listen to Working Hours on Spotify then you can ring that bell icon and get notifications every time a new episode drops. I use it, it works. If I ever start regularising output then you can just un-click it but, it might be useful until then. I’m not sure about other podcatchers but I would guess there is something similar to that on most of them.

If you are reading this, then I just want to say to you that I am grateful for your interest in Working Hours and I do really hope you enjoy listening to it. If you would like to support Working Hours and help it continue its mission, I would greatly appreciate any donation you do make. No matter how big or small. Your contribution will make a difference to me, and it will really help motivate me to keep creating more quality content for you. Thank you for any generosity and support you can give to Working Hours. Please stay tuned for more episodes which will be coming very soon.

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