Art Works Podcast

I have been working with Leeds based polymath Eleanor Snare on her podcast and I personally think it sounds rather good! It’s called Art Works and we’re four episodes in so far. I am very much looking forward to hearing the rest of these as I work on them. I initially provided some advice to Eleanor at the start of her podcast project and…

A New Flyer – Prices for Charities and Committee Groups

I have a got a new flyer with prices for Leeds based or focussed charities and community groups. Contact me if a service you want isn’t listed here or if you’d like to discuss any further price options.

Mini Update

Okay friends, So I have refined my overall business pitch slightly (still a long way to go on that though) and I am working towards updating and redesigning the website, building out my contact list, creating original marketing content and so on and so on… This business is all just me. It might not look like anything is actually going on from the outside…


Hello! So the site is going to go through some changes, things are happening! No point saying anything yet as no-one is reading any of this yet.

Wanted: Podcast Interviewees, Local Sponsors and Advertisers

I have begun a project interviewing Loiners on the subject of work and employment which I will be publishing as a new podcast series in 2020. I am looking for further volunteers to take part in the show going forward and I am also extremely interested to hear from Leeds businesses looking for marketing opportunities. If you are or you own a Leeds business…